Trailnet’s off-road Health Rides are aimed at progressively improving fitness, developing riding skills and increasing confidence on the bike.

TrailNet Group Rides
Adult cycle lessons in Brentwood
TrailNet Inclusive Cycling

Rides vary in length and difficulty from under an hour on relatively flat terrain to two-hour-plus hilly sessions. All rides end with the opportunity to socialise over well-earned drinks and snacks. 

Currently scheduled rides are listed below and these take place throughout the year with just a short break over the Christmas and New Year period.

Day Time Location Level
Tuesday 10.00am Thorndon Country Park Advanced
Tuesday 09.45am Thorndon Country Park Beginner
Tuesday 11.00am Thorndon Country Park Improver
Tuesday 13.30am Thorndon Country Park Inclusive Cycling
Thursday 10.00am Thorndon Country Park Intermediate
To book a place on any of our health rides or to find out more please call 01277 811012 or 07939 249980 or email

Beginner rides

Are for those who haven’t ridden for some time, lack confidence, or are uncertain about their fitness.

These these rides are under one hour and tend to stay within the park on mostly flat, relatively even surfaces. Once you are comfortable with these sessions, you will be ready to move onto the Improver Ride.

Improver rides

Last up to ninety minutes and tackle slightly more challenging terrain, with a few more hills and uneven surfaces.

These rides are nearly all off-road but may involve a few short sections on quiet roads, so you can gain confidence dealing with cars.

Intermediate rides

Are between one-and-a-half and two hours in length and are designed for those that are confident riding on off-road terrain and want to build up their strength and endurance by riding with people of a similar ability.

These rides will cover more varied terrain and are more physically demanding than the beginner sessions, although there are frequent stops to regroup and catch your breath. Most of the ride will be off-road but there may be some connecting sections on the road.

Advanced rides

Are often over two hours duration and include more difficult terrain, both in technical terms and in the steepness and length of the hills.

If you have a good fitness base and are confident on rough surfaces, these are the rides for you but if you are at all unsure we recommend that you first attend our improver or intermediate rides so that we can assess your fitness and cycling ability.

Inclusive rides

Are for the benefit of those who may require additional support to be able to enjoy their cycling. Our ride leaders have considerable experience in helping people with a wide range of difficulties to get riding and we have a number of adult and child tricycles suitable for those with balance and/or co-ordination problems.

Pre-booking is requested to ensure that we can meet the needs of those wishing to attend.


To cover the cost of our ride leaders, our health ride prices are:

  • Ride only – £8.50
  • Bike hire – £4

Membership Programme

All health riders are required to become members so that we can be sure that we have up-to-date records of our riders, especially a recent health questionnaire.

To complete a membership registration and to get updates on our rides, please click HERE