Other Activities

We also offer a choice of other activities to make your event even more enjoyable:

Brentwood cycle group rides


Geocaching is a high-tech ‘treasure hunt’ where handheld GPS devices are used to find containers (caches) that are hidden in rural and urban locations all around the world.

Geocaching activities in Brentwood
Geocaching childrens activities children activities in Brentwood

This is the ideal family activity: young children enjoy the thrill of the hunt; older kids can show off their technical nous; and adults are happy that everyone can take part in a healthy outdoor activity.

There are several permanent caches at Thorndon Country Park, so you can just hire pre-programmed GPS units and head off to find these.

We can also arrange group activities for all ages using Trailnet’s own caches that can be customised to your event requirements, whether you are a small family group or want to bring staff on a team-building day.

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Geocaching Brentwood


Orienteering activities in Brentwood

Orienteering started in Sweden in the late 19th century, as a military navigational training exercise. It is now a sport recognised by the IOC, with regular events held across the UK and worldwide.

Orienteering children's activities in Brentwood

Thorndon Country Park has its own permanent orienteering course, and you can buy maps from the Visitor Centre or hire maps and compasses from Trailnet’s Cycle Centre.

We can also run short training courses to get you started with this healthy, fun activity for the whole family.

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Orienteering in Brentwood